Dienstag, 10. August 2010

Cross Texas and reach Louisianna

On my way to the oil spill I crossed Paris, Texas and reached Alexandria in Louisianna yesterday. In Paris I saw the Eiffel tower with the red cowboy hat. Burkhard Saur took a Photo which shows the texanian homage to Paris, France as a drill tower on top of my bald head.
We started in Ada, Oklahoma after some problems with a kitchen water spill and finished our trip yersterday night in Alexandria.

I´m afraid of the heat at the gulf coast. In the morning hours it is already unbelivably hot.

The hum of the air conditioning here in Alexandria sounds like a blues song for cool global warming.

This evening I will search for crude oil at gulf coast beaches.

1 Create crude oil canvas
2 Sell these canvas
3 Buy new stock, to takeover BP with the oil spill.

Best wishes from Ruppe Koselleck
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