Mittwoch, 6. März 2019

Everywhere and nowhere at BERLINER KUNSTVEREIN

The BERLINER KUNSTVEREIN shows actual a tribute to LILLIE COTTEN. Every week we get postcards from Paris, Italy, Rom - wherever to our MAIL BOX CONCEPT ROOM.

Our art space (size 8 x 12 x 12) is an optimal box and show room for her project PARTOUT ET NULLE PART - everywhere and nowhere  - if you follow the link you will find a simular book project from Lillie Cotten.

Lillie Cotten's postcards reach us by regular mail in the Berlin periphery in Westphalia and we are now storing them in the small showroom under the supervision of the strict Polly Pocket, who watches over the artworks.
When you come to visit our current exhibition, we will show you the individual maps.
The present location of the small room is the studio community Schulstraße 43 in 48149 Münster.  

The next stations of the exhibition tour please refer to the daily press or our website.

more than 30 various card from everywhere and nowhere - ....Lillie Cotten 2018
Come by - I will gladly show you my little cotten art collection!
Please contact me via mail - ruppe (ädd)

Sincerly your Ruppe Koselleck
#partoutetnullepart #berlinerkunstverein

Special thanks go to Lillie Cotten for this wonderful work, and to The Polly Pocket Museum of Modern Art and Robert Porth for the reliable provision of our temporary exhibition space and the small Polly as a permanent visitor to this show. 

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