Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Waiting for the storm

Today I stay in Biloxi, Mississipi in a motel. Having Breakfast with a perfect view of Long Beachs harbour and a BP petrol station.
A beautyful beach with white sand and a troup of workers who collect tar balls - small dry or slippering pieces of oil. There is a clean up crew like this for every one and half mile. The amount of oil they find every day varies with the weather conditions. Crew chef said they expect a big slick today.

The Biloxi area was hit by hurrican Katrina, five years ago. The following economic crisis and now the Deepwater Horizon catastrophy agravated the already difficult situation.
People are very friendly but depressed. The atmosphere is nervous and the sky is grey. Waiting for a storm - and new oil pellets.
It seems momentarily you can better work as an oil cleaner than in a hotel. Empty parking places - lonley beach. No rebuilt houses at Rich Avenue. Only foundations remind of former times. I found a quarter laying between mussels and sand.

Other houses are reconstructed as a symbol of hope for better times. The receptionist from our hotel spoke of a lost season.

Today I will collect oil balls at Long Beach and neighborhood. I need the oil for my hostile takeover of BP,
but anyway, I hope not to find too many oil pollutants in this hard hit area.

1 Create crude oil canvas
2 Sell these canvas
3 Buy new stock, to takeover BP with the oil spill.

Best wishes from Ruppe Koselleck

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