Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Across a BP gas station

Today I found some slippery tar balls with sand and created my first work on canvas in the US. It is a dark brown painting from the material caused by British Petrol and the Deepwater Horizon. I filled many Ziploc bags with this stuff.

The white sand and the gulfwater at Long Beach, Mississippi with all its birds and fishes and men expect a storm. In the evening hours I saw men fishing before these things will reach the beach in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Maybe it is the last possibility to fish clean bass for a while - maybe not. I hope the best for them.

If you shop in Beloxi at the BP Mac store, you will find a THANK YOU flyer, which expresses the hopeful promise: BP WILL MAKE THIS RIGHT.

I pressed crude oil on these postcards - but I hope for all the workers and local dealers that they will survive the tragedy here in Mississippi.

It is time to takeover BP

1 I create crude oil canvas
2 Sell these canvas
3 Buy new stock, to takeover BP with the oil spill.

Best wishes from Ruppe Koselleck
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Long Beach, Mississippi, First crude Oil on Canvas by Ruppe 2010

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