Montag, 9. November 2015

Be back from Venice

TAKEOVER BP participates in workshop from CAPP in Venice. We worked with ARTWAY OF THINKING on the island San Servolo. 

expo at ebay

exposition at ebay II
I stayed with Kunsthalle Osnabrück there and could present some peaces of artworks with crude oil and we spoke about the concept from the TAKEOVER BP -

Fighting against the BP group with the waste and oil-shit at the beach - they are responsible for.

..after a long workshop day I could show the crude oil performance - outdoors at this wonderful place on earth
You buy my crude oil painting - and I will buy new stock of BP and will takeover the whole company in a few years. After the hostile takeover I will pay out the money to all victims of oil industries and prepare the takeover of Shell, Exxon, gazprom and surely China Petrol.

Be back and put some crude oil on canvas and some other DIN A 4 papers to ebay.

Time to takeover, now.

Sincerly yours
Ruppe Koselleck
CEO BP to be

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