Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2016

New Border

Today I try to clean up my studio and my thoughts also. And I found many useless things, sketches, old papers, tapes, bad drawnings. Finally I started a typical "clean-up-waste-collage" to produce new work with crude oil pollution from the coast, to takeover BP.

Reading Newspapers is usually a bad idea to find concentration and contemplation -
Cheapest Oil since 12 years, today.
 - big Business but bad for the Oil Companies and the future fallen states, for REGIME CHANGE...  - who is next?

Iran, Russia, Turkey, ..........who knows! I start my studio day with french forks and english questions to the elder treaty of Sykes-Picot 1916. Looking for esthetic reasons caused old Borderlines in Syria, Jordan... find no solutions.

Mixed my lonley thoughts about with oil peaks, french forks and produced some collages with yellow squares, greenwashed areas and will hope to takeover big oil business... to smach them all.

Support the art - support the takeover, now.

"Greenwashed Area" with Play-Share of BP and FAKE STOCK - fresh at EBAY
Sincerly yours
Ruppe Koselleck
CEO BP to be

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